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On the evening of La Revolución, Antonio Garcia, the patriarch and owner of Las Siete Perlas, fights to keep his club open – without the help of his two sons who already look to their own futures. His eldest, Rafael, longs to leave Cuba for America in pursuit of his dream of a career writing music. His youngest, Chacho, though loyal to the club, begins to learn of the Rebels and the storm brewing in the mountains, wondering if rebellion isn’t the best way to restore integrity to his country.

With a powerful collaboration of story and direction by Academy Award Winner, Alex Dinelaris (BIRDMAN, STILL LIFE), and Music by Grammy, Emmy, & Tony Award Nominee, Frank Wildhorn, HAVANA! blends the infectious sounds and rhythms of a mystical pre-Castro Cuba in a fable about family and the price one pays to keep it whole and safe.

Lyrics are by the recent Grammy Award Winner Claudia Brant.

YOUR LIE IN APRIL (working title)


This new musical is about the artistic & spiritual collaboration between a teenage piano prodigy & a gifted violinist. It is based on a very successful Japanese Manga and is currently in development with TOHO for a production in Tokyo, Japan.

Kōsei is a prolific, competitive, classical pianist and a loner. After the death of his mother he suffers an emotional breakdown that leaves him unable to hear his own playing. When he meets Kaori - a gifted violinist and free spirit – he develops feelings for her as she challenges him to start playing again, and to abandon the strict, mathematical approach to music-making drilled into him by his mother. Through Kaori, Kosei experiences a new sense of creativity, passion and expression - but she continues to keep one very important secret from him...

Music by Grammy, Emmy, & Tony Award Nominee, Frank Wildhorn. Book by Rinne Groff. Lyrics by Carly Robin Green and Tracy Miller Schell.




A raw, honest, powerful new ensemble pop/rock musical exploring the roller-coaster ride of emotions that child actors go through as they chase their dreams of performing on Broadway. Hundreds of kids line up for each audition. For some, their dreams come true. They triumph, landing roles that allow them to perform, doing what they love on the world's most celebrated stages, signing autographs for adoring fans, and soaking up the applause. For others, chasing their dreams comes with huge sacrifices. Others, despite being immensely talented, never end up getting their shot. They're always too tall, too short, too brunette, too blonde, too young, too old, never quite right. With each successive role that they fail to land, their young hearts break a little more. But, no matter what challenges each member of the ensemble may encounter along the way, they'll all be forever changed by the journey. Following the model pioneered by A CHORUS LINE, BEFORE I'M 12 will be initially developed through a series of group and 1-on-1 interview sessions with young Broadway performers. This November and December, we'll be gathering a group of approximately 30 young professional kids and working with them to delve into their experiences, gathering stories of what it's like to be a working young actor in today's Broadway. From there, we will be taking those stories and shaping them into a brand new, exciting, powerful musical. 

Isabelle Stevenson Tony Award Winner, Baayork Lee, is set to Direct & Choreograph.


DREAM is a contemporary musical based on the William Shakespeare play, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. Developed several years ago in Texas this wonderful jazz/hip-hop/rock piece is being brought back to life, with an update that moves it into today’s contemporary world of music. DREAM was originally developed under the name “FOOLS THESE MORTALS BE…” with Book / Music / Lyrics by Randolph Tallman & Steve Mackenroth. This updated version will have additional Music & Lyrics by Jim Abbott. 

Book, Music and Lyrics by Randolph Tallman and Steven Mackenroth, additional Music and Lyrics by James Abbott.

MDN Productions (Sally Tycher & Steven Mackenroth) are Lead Producers. JLP (Jeff Lee) is Executive Producer.




Based on the book by Franz Werfel, this show aspires to be an intimate play with music, told in the grand musical tradition, and woven together with an original score by Frank Wildhorn. SONG OF BERNADETTE focuses on strong relationships and rich characters, blending classic musical theatre with Mr. Wildhorn’s signature pop/musical theatre sensibilities. This classic story explores the life and world of Bernadette, living in the 1800’s provincial town of Lourdes, France. While collecting wood one day with her sister, an apparition appears to a young Bernadette, sparking a controversy that splits the village and ultimately the Catholic Church. Over the course of the story we discover the humanity behind Bernadette and how her unwavering faith births a miracle that gives her a voice she never knew she had.

Music by Grammy, Emmy, & Tony Award Nominee, Frank Wildhorn. Book by Rinne Groff. Lyrics by Robin Lerner.

INDIE Theatrical (Louis Hobson & Jake Groshong) are Lead Producers. JLP & ARUBA Productions are Executive Producers.


A new Broadway musical about the making of a new Broadway musical told in the style of a reality-tv show. The entire creative process and behind the scenes secrets are captured on video and broadcast day-by-day on a simultaneous Webcast show. This tumultuous journey begins at the first rehearsal and ends the day after the show opens to some of the most unexpected reviews ever written. 

Written by Terry Berliner.


A two-character comedy/drama centering around actress Judith Macmillan who once charmed Rodgers and Hammerstein. Becoming something of a legend, Judith performed in the chorus of nearly every Rodgers & Hammerstein musical on Broadway, while Standing-By for all the best known Leading Ladies of the day.  She then captivated her own audiences in summer theatres when finally starring as Anna Leonowens in “The King & I”, Nellie Forbush in “South Pacific”, and Marie Rainer in “the Sound of Music”. Now retired and widowed, and living in New Hope, PA., the 77 year-old Macmillan grants an interview to a young local reporter, Mark Landray.  It is a snowy afternoon in December, but the blizzard outside is a minor squall compared to the interviews inside. Judith considers this interview her “last hurrah”, but little do they both know that this is the beginning of a journey which will dramatically change both their lives. “GETTING TO KNOW YOU” is a two character, one set play which utilizes incidental music and lyrics from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical library.  

Written by Thomas P. Carr. This new play will be directed by Olivier Award Winner, Simon Callow.



This film is based on the life of Broadway Director/Choreographer & Legend, Michael Bennett as told by his brother, Frank DiFilia. This chronological bio-pic takes us on a rollercoaster ride of Michael's early childhood days in Buffalo, NY through his conquering of Broadway with shows such as A CHORUS LINE & DREAMGIRLS up until his untimely death from AIDS at the peak of his career.

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